Our Mission

Our Mission


Our mission is to improve the management of environmental resources.

Virridy Inc. develops and deploys technologies to manage water, energy and agricultural resources in remote, off-grid environments. Our low-cost satellite-connected sensors are compatible with a wide range of fixed infrastructure. Leveraging machine learning, we enable responsive remote management of the environment.

Environmental Markets

Virridy's technologies support carbon credits, energy incentives, water permitting and other environmental market commodities. In Africa, we support the generation of carbon finance based payments for water services. In the western United States, we improve groundwater management and conservation. In California, we are enabling farmers to comply with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) while generating value from electrical demand response programs.

Solano Gen05 Installation 2019

Emerging Markets

Daily, we are monitoring millions of people’s water supplies in East Africa, helping to reduce humanitarian drought emergencies and generating value through performance based payments including carbon finance.