Our Mission

Our Mission


Freshwater Decarbonization


Globally, billions face water insecurity and water quality challenges. Water is an under-invested sector facing increasing pressure from climate change.

Carbon credit markets provide incentives for nature-based climate solutions, but lack project diversity and quality.

At this intersection, Virridy brings Freshwater Decarbonization With Data Science.

Water Data Science


Virridy uses our proprietary technology and water and carbon markets expertise to restore watersheds and improve water quality. This work is catalyzed by generating and selling high quality carbon credits.

Virridy has developed large-scale watershed restoration programs in the United States motivated by the Clean Water Act. We have patented and published our technology solutions, linking in-situ sensor data with remote sensing and data science. We deliver high-quality spatial and temporal water resource predictions as the digital monitoring, reporting and verification audit trail for high quality freshwater decarbonization credits.

Solano Gen05 Installation 2019

Emerging Markets

Daily, we are supporting millions of people’s water in East Africa. We help to reduce humanitarian drought emergencies, improve water quality, and generate value through performance-based, carbon credit revenue payments.