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Enterprise Partners

Enterprise partners want to improve monitoring of their investments and environmental risks. Virridy's solution offers services of remote monitoring of fixed assets anywhere in the world at a lower cost and with more reliable data quality than any other. 



Agricultural producers are under cost pressure to reduce labor and input costs while also meeting stringent environmental requirements. With Virridy's solution remote control without compromise is possible. 

Resource Managers

Environmental resource managers globally are under increasing pressure to keep costs low while providing high quality services to their communities. The rapid advancement of technology-based solutions like Virridy's has enabled efficiency gains without compromising on control. 

Our Mission. . .

Our mission is to improve the management of environmental resources.


One Technology. Many Applications.

"Internet of Things" sensors and online analytics improve the management of resources and services.

Virridy develops and deploys technologies to manage water, energy and agricultural resources in remote, off-grid environments. Our low-cost satellite-connected sensors are compatible with a wide range of fixed infrastructure. Leveraging machine learning, we enable responsive remote management of the environment.


Into The Green

The Virridy platform is designed to combine a variety of accessory sensors with cellular and/or satellite internet-cloud quality connectivity. Accessory sensors include low and self-powered transmitters, custom designs and off-the-shelf products.

Our Customers and Partners