Rwanda Water Treatment

Amazi Meza Rwanda Water Treatment Program

Virridy's Amazi Meza program in Rwanda is deploying water treatment systems at primary and secondary schools for students who currently drink microbially contaminated drinking water. Diarrhea, associated with dirty drinking water, is still the leading cause of illness and death among school-aged children in Rwanda. Our program will reach about 600,000 students with clean drinking water services over the next several years and is expected to generate over 200,000 carbon credits by 2030.

The Virridy management team led the development and implementation of the first-ever United Nations Clean Development Mechanism and Gold Standard programs earning carbon credits for water treatment. Through these programs, tens of millions of dollars of private financing were leveraged to deliver household water filters to millions of people in Rwanda and Kenya, with revenue from carbon credits largely re-invested into education, repairs and replacements and resulting in significant health, economic and environmental benefits.

Rwanda Water Quality Demo

Rwanda Evidence Base Archives

  • Lessons from Rwanda on tackling unsafe drinking water and household air pollution

  • Effects of adding household water filters to Rwanda’s Community-Based Environmental Health Promotion Programme: a cluster-randomized controlled trial in Rwamagana district

  • Integration of Household Water Filters with Community-Based Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion—A Process Evaluation and Assessment of Use among Households in Rwanda

  • Geospatial-temporal, demographic, and programmatic adoption characteristics of a large-scale water filter and improved cookstove intervention in Western Province, Rwanda

  • A cost-benefit analysis of livelihood, environmental and health benefits of a large scale water filter and cookstove distribution in Rwanda

  • Health, livelihood, and environmental impacts of the distribution of a carbon-credit-financed, large-scale water filter and improved cookstove programme in Rwanda

  • Assessing use, exposure, and health impacts of a water filter and improved cookstove distribution programme in Rwanda

  • Use, microbiological effectiveness and health impact of a household water filter intervention in rural Rwanda—A matched cohort study

  • Study design of a cluster-randomized controlled trial to evaluate a large-scale distribution of cook stoves and water filters in Western Province, Rwanda

  • Process evaluation and assessment of use of a large scale water filter and cookstove program in Rwanda

  • Designing and Piloting a Program to Provide Water Filters and Improved Cookstoves in Rwanda

  • Assessing the Impact of Water Filters and Improved Cook Stoves on Drinking Water Quality and Household Air Pollution: A Randomised Controlled Trial in Rwanda

  • Use of Remotely Reporting Electronic Sensors for Assessing Use of Water Filters and Cookstoves in Rwanda

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