Virridy Sets New Standard for Watershed Restoration with Innovative Carbon Crediting Methodology

Boulder, CO – Virridy, a pioneer in environmental technology, announced the official release of a groundbreaking carbon crediting methodology and credit class.

With a focus on rivers and wetlands, Virridy’s methodology enables project developers to generate and capitalize on carbon credits by reducing nonpoint source pollution, fundamentally shifting the economics of watershed restoration. Published January 18, the new credit methodology and class is available on the Regen Registry. 

The “Watershed Nature-Based and Green Infrastructure Water Methodology v1.0” is poised to disrupt the status quo of water management. By quantifying industrial emission reductions from large-scale green infrastructure projects in lieu of treatment technology upgrades, this approach offers a viable and economic alternative to conventional gray infrastructure. It provides a systematic method for water treatment facilities and project developers to demonstrate tangible greenhouse gas (GHG) savings from avoided energy and material use, particularly in the context of drinking water and wastewater management.

Accompanying the methodology is the “GHG & Co-Benefits in Watershed Carbon v1.0” credit class. This represents a significant leap forward in incentivizing nature-based solutions for water treatment. By translating the environmental benefits of such projects into financial incentives through carbon revenues, Virridy empowers stakeholders to select sustainable water management practices with confidence. By encouraging the adoption of measures that have a growing positive impact on watersheds, this initiative is expected to reduce both operational and regulatory expenses.

“This is more than an innovative methodology; it’s a transformational approach to watershed health,” said Alex Johnson, Chief Strategy Officer at Virridy. “We are proud to collaborate with Regen Registry in introducing these tools that will empower environmental agencies and water utilities to prioritize and finance green infrastructure more effectively. Ultimately, our goal is to foster a world where we maximize the climate benefits of every water management decision.”

Virridy’s technology suite — low-cost satellite-connected sensors paired with machine learning analytics — complements this financial mechanism..The suite provides reliable data that are crucial for monitoring and verifying the success of these projects. The comprehensive data collected by Virridy’s proprietary technology supports the generation of carbon credits and facilitates energy incentives, water permitting, and the trading of other environmental market commodities.

“The final versions of Virridy’s carbon crediting methodology and credit class mark a new era for environmental resilience and climate change mitigation,” said Johnson. “With this launch, Virridy reaffirms its commitment to developing solutions that manage water, energy, and agricultural resources more sustainably, making a positive impact on both local and global environments.”

For more information about Virridy’s methodology and credit class, or to learn more about the company’s technologies and services, please visit or contact Alex Johnson, [email protected].

About Virridy

Virridy Inc. develops and deploys technologies to manage water, energy, and agricultural resources in remote, off-grid environments including Africa and North America. The company’s low-cost satellite-connected sensors are compatible with a wide range of fixed infrastructure and support carbon credits, energy incentives, water permitting, and other environmental market commodities. 

About Regen Registry

Regen Registry is an ecological service registry operating in the voluntary market that aims to support climate action by accelerating the adoption of nature-based solutions, which regenerate and restore natural ecosystems. Pulling on a combination of tools from Web3 and open source movements, Regen Registry aims to democratize and invigorate regenerative finance by empowering communities of Earth stewards, scientists, technologists, and climate entrepreneurs to govern the systems used to create new ecological assets.

Press Release Contact:
Alex Johnson
Chief Strategy Officer, Virridy
[email protected]